Keep in Mind the Total Cost of Ownership When Car Shopping

Buying a vehicle can be hard work and a process that is often stressful. Here at BMW of Montgomery, we feel that high pressure should never be part of the sales process. Our goal is to sell you the BMW vehicle you want to purchase and can afford. We want you to take time and think about the total cost of ownership before you buy your next vehicle. So, what does total cost of ownership mean?

The total cost of ownership applies to the car cost and everything that goes with owning a BMW.

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Keeping Tabs on the BMW i8

When the BMW i8 sticks its head out, we pay attention because there are only a few details out for it. The newest peek has let us know that it will be a targa-top convertible that has redesigned front and rear lighting.

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City Parking Simplified

One of the most frustrating things about driving in a city has to be finding somewhere to park. You have to drive in circles, just hoping that there is an open spot that you can get to. The majority of people want their navigation system to be able to show them where parking availability is, and that is exactly what the BMW 5-Series sedan will do.

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Explore the Benefits of OEM BMW Parts

How do you ensure that the parts you use to repair your BMW will suit your vehicle perfectly? Outfit your car with original equipment manufacturer parts!

Benefits of Using OEM Parts

There are quite a few reasons to use genuine BMW parts over off-brand parts:

  • OEM BMW parts are designed specifically for your type of vehicle, ensuring proper fit, quality, and reliability
  • OEM parts are protected by extended warranty coverage
  • It can be difficult to find the right off-brand part in the lake of choices while OEM parts are much easier to track down (and you'll know they'll…
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Keep Your Tires Healthy with These Steps

Are the tires on your BMW model in good shape? It pays to check because if they are in poor condition, you could be risking not only fuel economy, but your safety.

Here are some easy tips to help you gauge the health of your tires:

Make sure your tires are inflated properly. Driving on under-inflated tires puts a damper on fuel economy and builds up more heat.

Check your tire tread. Tire tread that is too worn can be dangerous. If you can insert a penny into the tire tread and still see Lincoln's head, the tread is…

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