New BMW Lease Specials at Our Montgomery BMW Dealership

Save Money on Your Next Automotive Lease

Are you in the market for a new BMW but are looking for ways to save? At our BMW dealership, in the Montgomery area, we offer a variety of BMW lease specials. These new BMW specials are designed to save you money in the car-buying process and can take some of the burdens off of buying new.

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The 2018 BMW X3 SUV: Even More Luxury for Your Money

The folks at BMW of Montgomery along Eastern Boulevard are here to show you why your search for a luxury SUV will be over before it even began. The 2018 BMW X3, a premium compact SUV, now features more standard equipment, whether it be focused on looks or driving dynamics.

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With the New BMW X5, Your Powertrain is Your Decision

This is no one-size-fits-all midsize crossover SUV. The 2019 BMW X5 offers Montgomery locals a variety of configuration options, not the least of which is its powertrains. Read on to see why BMW of Montgomery, located just minutes from Faulkner University, is the perfect solution for adventurists seeking a vehicle tailored just for them.


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What Causes an Ignition to Fail?

When your vehicle won't start, it's not always the battery that is at fault. In older vehicles, the starter can be the culprit. Following are signs to look for when your starter is beginning to fail.

A grinding noise that sounds like the noise that occurs when you hit the starter right after turning on the ignition indicates that the gears may be worn out. A whining noise indicates freewheeling, which means the gear is not engaging the flywheel. 

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Signs the Fuel Pump in Your Car Could Be Failing

When the fuel pump in your car is failing, you will see signs that you need to be able to identify. The car engine not starting could be a clear indication the fuel pump has stopped working. If there were no issues with your battery and suddenly the car won't start, the pump might be failing.

As you drive at high speeds, one sign the fuel pump is failing is when the engine begins to surge on its own. 

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What Causes Your Car to Overheat?

At the first sign of the engine overheating, action should be taken. The longer this issue persists, the chances of complete engine failure increase. If the radiator hoses are not secured to the engine or radiator, coolant is leaking out and making the engine work harder.

The radiator cap could be missing, or worse, it might be the wrong one for your vehicle. If the cap cannot contain the high pressure of the coolant, evaporation is leading to the engine overheating. 

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Reasons Your Tire Pressure Light is Illuminated

Tire pressure is crucial to safety on the road, which is why most car manufacturers create ways for drivers to monitor the amount of air that is in their tires. Many vehicles on the road today have a system with a sensor that is directly linked to the casing. This system determines how much air is in the tire and notifies the driver if underinflation is an issue. There are also indirect tire monitoring systems that do not do much to tell drivers of improper pressure.

Many take the tire sensor on their vehicle for granted, but underinflation is a…

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Test Drive the All New 2018 BMW X2 and Support the Joy To Life Foundation

The 2018 BMW X2 has arrived and you'll have the opportunity to take a test drive in this all new sports activity vehicle this Friday and Saturday (3/9 & 3/10) at the BMW X2 Test Drive event here at BMW of Montgomery.

To celebrate the launch of this exciting new SAV we'll be offering test drives all-day Friday and Saturday, and for each test drive taken in the new 2018 BMW X2, BMW of Montgomery will be donating $20 to the Joy To Life Foundation.

We're proud to partner with this local charity who's mission…
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Having a Great Suspension Makes for a Smooth Ride

Older vehicles do not provide the smooth ride that we know of today. Every little bump and pot hole in the road was felt by the passengers. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, modern cars have a much smoother ride. That is why we here at BMW of Montgomery want to be sure you know the basics of your vehicle's suspension.

Your suspension can be thought of as a shock absorber. Instead of the car itself hitting other metal, it instead rests on the suspension, meaning that the hit is not as pronounced as it would have otherwise been. 

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Is it Time to Inspect Your Brakes?

Good brakes are essential for operating any vehicle safely, regardless of the age or odometer reading. Brakes should always be inspected at least annually, with a good practice being inspection at every tire rotation. Auto manufacturers generally suggest inspection at 12,000 miles if not done annually with regular servicing.

Newer model vehicles with automatic brake systems are in particular included in this maintenance schedule because there are more components that could malfunction than in a typical older model car or truck. 

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