BMW vs Lexus

Throughout their existences, BMW and Lexus have built strong reputations for being leaders among luxury cars. While Lexus is a relatively new entry into the world of luxury vehicles with its initial launch in the late 1980s, BMW traces its roots back to the early 1900s.

Based on what they offer today, which brand aligns more with your values when it comes to the type of vehicle you want to drive around Montgomery, Auburn, and Prattville? BMW of Montgomery is here to help! On this page, you can discover more about BMW vs. Lexus and their various models.

A Truly First-Class Ride

Throughout their lineup of vehicles, you will find premium cabin designs, cutting-edge features, and luxurious amenities that all add to the prestige of riding around in a BMW or Lexus. Which brand offers the most elegant driving experience within their vehicles?

According to U.S. News & World Report, BMW as a brand ranks 6th among car manufacturers in terms of interior design and quality. As far as Lexus, the brand didn't find itself on this list of top 15 car brands with the nicest interiors. 

The BMW 7 Series in particular personifies luxury. It has the available Panoramic Sky Lounge, which is complemented by ambient lighting. You and your passengers will be seated on Dakota leather upholstery matched to the fineline high-gloss wood trim.

A Quick Look at BMW vs Lexus Models

While they each have a lineup of models that stretch across various types of vehicles, we wanted to take a glance at some similar models to give you a glimpse at what BMW and Lexus offer.

  • Room for the Whole Family: Both brands offer varying SUVs, including spacious and luxurious 3-row SUVs. Looking at two of their largest options, you'll find more headroom across all three rows and additional legroom in the back rows of the BMW X7 compared to the Lexus LX.
  • Fuel-Saving Performance: They both offer hybrid models, from sedans to SUVs. BMW, though, gives you the option to leave gas stations in the past with their electric vehicles, like the i3 or i8.
  • Top-Notch Thrills: Lexus also has some sleek coupe models and sedans that perform well, but with BMW's M Series, high-end performance is an everyday thrill. These come with specially tuned engineering and robust engines that can take these BMW cars from idle to highway speeds in a flash!

The Latest in Innovation

Great aspects of both Lexus and BMW vehicles are the infotainment systems these manufacturers have installed in many of their models. With either brand's system, your vehicle can basically act as your personal assistant. Thanks to voice recognition and smartphone integration, you can simply ask what meetings you have for the day or to get directions to the restaurant you have reservations at.

Plus, you can use Amazon Alexa capabilities with either infotainment system to control your smart-home devices from the road. You'll have even more convenience at your fingertips, thanks to the state-of-the-art feature of BMW's gesture control.

With the simple wave of your hand, you can answer a call, turn down the volume, and more. Plus, BMW vehicles are able to help you find open parking spots along the street.

Explore Our BMW vs Lexus Car Comparisons

Explore our BMW vs. Lexus comparisons you'll find throughout this page and learn about the various models these two luxury car brands offer.

You can also contact us anytime you want to learn more about any BMW model. If you are in the Montgomery, Auburn, or Prattville area and want to also experience the ride inside a BMW, just schedule a test drive with us here at BMW of Montgomery!

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