Not all vehicles complete the journey from "concept car" to reality. That's why all of us here at BMW of Montgomery are so excited about the  BMW X7. The BMW X7 demarcates a truly groundbreaking and innovative moment in the full-size luxury SUV class, reestablishing BMW's already profound foothold in global luxury automotive. No other full-size SUV demonstrates finesse, agility, and comfort like BMW X7.

Imagination Station: The vehicle's panoramic glass extends from the windshield to the rear, offering a passenger experience like never before. Everything from the fine interior materials to dynamic ambient and contour lighting contribute to an atmosphere of balance and tranquility for all on board.


State-of-the-Art Connectivity: An elevated driver's cabin provides incredible visibility of the road ahead,  along with a 12-inch instrument cluster that puts control at the driver's fingertips, built around a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic.



Power Through: Three rows, seven seats, and an available TwinTurbo V8 engine capable of up to 445-horsepower means there's no destination out of reach, and no competitive large SUV the new BMW X7 won't leave behind.


Don't wait to be inspired. Visit BMW of Montgomery for more information on the 2019 BMW X7 and to schedule a test drive. Our friendly team of BMW pros can't wait to show you the incredible array of features and finance offers available on our entire inventory of new BMW coupes, sedans and crossovers in Montgomery.

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