Consider What's Next with Three BMW End-of-Lease Options in Montgomery, AL

Nearing the end of a lease agreement for the BMW sedan or SAV you take pride in operating? Here at BMW of Montgomery, our finance experts work hard to make the transition to new finance options and model selections seamless as your lease concludes.

Review the three BMW financial service options we extend - return your BMW model, purchase or lease a new vehicle, buy your current luxury model outright - in greater detail before scheduling a consultation with a finance expert to continue this extensive review.

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Return My Lease

Return your Lease

If you aren't quite prepared to make a new finance decision and wish to take time exploring new BMW and pre-owned options, we recommend returning your current BMW model to our dealership before proceeding. Our BMW financial services team accepts lease returns from other authorized BMW dealerships. Repair costs and other regulations fees will apply upon returning this leased BMW model, as a team of factory-trained service technicians will conduct an inspection as part of processing.

If you're an OwnersChoice customer and wish to sell your vehicle back, follow this same return process and connect with our finance experts directly for more specifics on additional steps.

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Lease or Buy a New Vehicle

New Purchase or Lease

Ready to consider other options from our dealership lineups? New BMW models, certified pre-owned BMW models and pre-owned vehicles are ready for test drive review and car buying consideration. Our team looks forward to aligning you with your next vehicle and a finance plan that matches precisely what you value most.

If you choose to move on from your lease and purchase or lease another vehicle, a waiver applies directly to the end-of-lease disposition fee. You won't even have to place a security deposit down when securing this new premier automotive selection.

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Purchase My Current Lease

Buy your Current Lease

Not prepared to say goodbye? You have several options for extending current BMW lease agreements - including short-term 12 to 24-month commitments - along with the ability to purchase this model outright based on the original lease agreement's residual value. Consider financing the total amount due or applying a certified fund and check to pay off the remaining value. Contact our finance team directly to review more of the nuances behind this BMW lease return avenue.

Interested in considering these end-of-lease BMW options further? Our finance experts are ready to schedule a sit-down consultation in Montgomery, AL and look forward to connecting today.

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