You're driving on the highway when the driver in a car near you turns his/her emergency blinkers on and needs to move to the shoulder of the road. Or, you see that a car has been in an accident and an ambulance and tow truck are behind you, trying to get to the vehicle. What do you do? In situations like these, you should be aware of move over laws.

These essential laws are in effect in all 50 states, and help to keep drivers and roadside personnel safe. If a first aid or police vehicle is trying to get to a car on the shoulder of the road, you should change lanes to create an opening. If there is too much traffic for you to change lanes, you should slow down and go 15 miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit. Following these laws will also keep road construction workers, emergency medical technicians and law enforcement officers from being injured when they get out of their vehicles to assist others.

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