Is it Time to Inspect Your Brakes?

Good brakes are essential for operating any vehicle safely, regardless of the age or odometer reading. Brakes should always be inspected at least annually, with a good practice being inspection at every tire rotation. Auto manufacturers generally suggest inspection at 12,000 miles if not done annually with regular servicing.

Newer model vehicles with automatic brake systems are in particular included in this maintenance schedule because there are more components that could malfunction than in a typical older model car or truck. This applies to both disc and drum brakes, even though they operate differently.

Brake pads are usually the first brake component evaluated for amount of padding left before braking becomes metal-on-metal. It is very dangerous to let brakes get in this state of disrepair, as it endangers everyone else on the highway as well. Replacing pads regularly is always the best maintenance decision because it can help extend the life of the rotors and allow the brake calipers to operate properly and last longer as well.

Brakes are such a vital safety feature that they should always be repaired by certified technicians, like our automotive pros at BMW of Montgomery. Let us perform your next brake inspection and provide a full evaluation.

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