Covers Save your Car when Traveling with Pets

Many pet owners are worried about the hair and damage their car seats will experience if they travel with their dogs or cats. While this is possible, if you take precautions, you can travel with pets with ease and avoid the damage to seats.

An easy way to avoid damage and hair on car seats is to always drape a pet seat cover on your car seats. This barrier between your pet's feet and hair can help prevent scratches, rips, and hair from gathering on your car seats. Another way to prevent car damage when traveling with pets is to trim their toenails before traveling. By trimming their nails, this will reduce injury to your car seats when you travel with your cat or dog.

If you take these simple precautions, you can prevent damage to your car while traveling with pets. Our dealership, BMW of Montgomery, has plenty of cars that your pet will love to travel in. Come to our dealership and take a test drive today.

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