Prevent Your Headlights From Becoming Cloudy

Headlights help you see the world around you as you navigate your BMW at night. Yellow-tinted headlight covers are often a clear indication of poor headlight maintenance. Most headlights are made using plastic material, and direct sunlight causes the cloudiness to form over time if the headlights are not properly maintained and regularly cleaned. Unless you want to spend tons of money replacing your headlight bulbs and casings, make the following preventive tips a part of your routine vehicle maintenance plan.

Properly clean and polish the headlight covers regularly. While you’re at it, make sure to protect the outer paint layer adjacent to the plastic material. You can always seek help from a trusted BMW service center, like the one here at BMW of Montgomery, if need be.

Keep the car out of direct sunlight to prevent the oxidation of the plastic material. Keeping your vehicle under a roof will not only help with the headlights but also prevent the car paint from chipping. Remember that regular cleaning of the light covers is more cost-effective in comparison to replacing the headlights. Pass by our BMW dealership in Montgomery, AL today and have your lamps checked.

Categories: Service
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