Seasonal Maintenance for a Safer Vehicle

Thousands of car owners can be expected to fill their car with gifts and delicious things to eat for the holiday trip home. But before you indulge in great food and gift giving traditions, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your car does not break down while on the ride back.

Car maintenance here at BMW of Montgomery with the help of our service team can include flushing the radiator, checking the heating system and windshield wiper fluids of your vehicle. Some customers enjoy an engine that looks like new and decide to invest in exterior engine cleaning. Less cosmetic checks are hoses, exhaust cracks, plugs, wire wear, battery corrosion, and tire pressure. Steering and fuel lines are parts most drivers never notice until a car has problems. However, maintenance checks on these items help limit breakdowns. We also recommend checking headlamps to ensure they are in proper shape.

Prepare your vehicle for the trip home from holidays with the family here at BMW of Montgomery by scheduling a routine maintenance appointment today.

Categories: Parts, Service
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