Meet The BMW 8-Series Concept Car



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On Thursday August 17th, 2017, BMW will unveil the BMW 8 Series Concept car. But this concept isn’t just any concept. On the contrary, it’s the prelude to a production car BMW will be producing, the BMW 8 Series coupe.

The 8 Series nameplate has a history almost as long and illustrious as BMW. Perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it does date back to the late 1980s. And the BMW 8 Series coupe that was produced from the late eighties to the late nineties was actually based on an earlier BMW – the 6 series coupe. Though 18 years have passed since the 8 Series nameplate has been in use, it has always been a BMW pinnacle of success and performance.

All press are welcome to the BMW’s big unveiling, so press coverage of this vehicle’s reveal should be immense. Stay tuned for more details, August 17th!

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