If Summer Life is a Highway, Then It’s Time for a Pit Stop



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The end of summer is closing in. You’ve gone on, or are soon to be returning from your vacations. You enjoyed the sunshine, the city, and had fun. But fall is coming fast, and with it, lots of activities, responsibilities, and above all, places to go.

All of your work obligations, your child’s school obligations, and so on, require reliable transportation. So don’t forget to maintain and repair your vehicle sooner rather than later.

  • Check your tires, Change your oil and wipers, and conduct any other routine maintenance you’ve neglected.
  • Consult your manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule (you can find this in your owner’s manual)
  • Diagnose any current issues your car is having, including taking care of dash lights
  • Be prepared for an emergency by stocking up on things like a first aid kid and water bottles.
  • Make sure your children who drive are aware of the above tips.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! We wish you a great school season.

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